Sunflower oil cake

High-protein and low-protein sunflower oil cake by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Oil cake is a concentrated oilseed feed for farm animals produced in the result of oil pressing from the seed remains by the technology "cold pressed"; it is one of the fodder components that has a high content of vegetable protein (15 – 40%).

Oil cake is widely used in food for cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep and goats. Due to the high content of fat oil cake is high energy and nutritious feed.

There are several kinds of oil cake: soybean oil cake, sunflower oil cake, corn oil cake, hemp oil cake, etc. Oil cake contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals useful for animal body besides the necessary protein and fat.

They are necessary for the proper development, growth and reproduction of animals and birds. There are certain restrictions on sunflower oil cake volume setting into animal diet on account of negative effect on milk, butter and cheese.

You can buy sunflower oil cake by the Agrocapital Ukraine for feeding livestock and poultry. It's a successful combination of quality product and reasonable price.

The next organoleptic requirements for sunflower oil cake must be met:

  • colour – it may be from grey to brown of various shades
  • appearance – it may be in the form of shells or crushed
  • smell – a distinct smell of sunflower meal without foreign inclusions

You can save on expenditures for the purchase of feed oil thanks to the residual amount of vegetable oil if you use sunflower oil cake for the diet.

Sunflower oil cake can be taken as in dry or soaked form or as part of fodder blended with other types of feed.

Fibre, as a part of the oil cake, has a positive effect on the process of digestion and that is why it is particularly useful for ruminants. Besides, bringing sunflower oil cake into fodders perfectly influences the reproduction, strengthens the immune system, improves growth, the quality of milk, meat, eggs and increases productivity.

The price of sunflower oil cake is one order lower than soybean oil cake is, so it is often used in domestic livestock.

The Agrocapital Ukraine offers for its customers a great variety of fodders, cereals, oil plants, both soybean and sunflower meal and oil cake. Choosing cooperation with our company, you choose success.

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