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Oil plants are those from which seeds fatty oils are produced with the fat level of at least 20-60%. They are used to produce vegetable oil in food industry and as a part of fodders in technical purposes.These plants include:

Soybean is the most widespread oil plant all over the world. It is planted and cultivated in more than 60 countries of all continents and climatic zones.

Soybean is a plant of the legume family and it is native of eastern Asia. Soya seeds or soybeans are widely used in the food industry for a long time. All of these are because of high vegetable protein content in beans; it is about 40-50% of weight, and because of high crop yield.

High vegetable protein content works towards wide usage of soybean as feed for farm animals.

Recently, the interest picks up to soybeans as a crop plant all around the world. It is deeply deb to its high environmental performance. Fixing the atmospheric nitrogen, soy helps protect the environment.

Moreover, soybean needs less extra care than other crop plants. When soybean is cultivated there's no need to use pesticide and much water.

Soybean is divided into 9 groups according to the growing season. The most common are mid-, early- and ultra-early-season varieties.

Soybean is an economically advantageous and promising oil plant. Soybean by the Agrocapital Ukraine meets all requirements applicable to such a plant.

Soybean is the main protein source in the livestock feeding. These beans contain a lot of nutrients necessary for complete animal growth and development.

Soybean also surpasses other cultures at the sanitary and hygienic side. However, beans are not used for animals feeding in their natural form. Soybean derivative products are used more often, such as:

Buying soybean by the Agrocapital Ukraine you make the right choice. You will receive a quality product at an affordable price, because the goal of our company is mutual beneficial economic relationships.

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