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Oil cake is a product produced during processing vegetable oil from grain remains of oilseeds. It is widely used as fodder thanks to its high energy and nutritional properties.

It is suitable for almost all farm animals, especially for cattle, pigs and sheep. It is added dairy animal food with small restrictions because of the negative effect on the quality of milk, butter and cheese.

Sunflower oil cake and soybean oil cake are the most widespread types.

Soybean oil cake is a product of the processing soybeans. Depending on fat content there are such kinds as:

  • full-fat oil cake
  • semi-skimmed oil cake

Full-fat oil cake is prepared by processing soybeans without oil extraction. Semi-skimmed oil cake is gained by processing full-fat cake.

Soybean oil cake is used as animal fodder: it is used separately and also as a protein supplement to the diet.

Prices of soybean oil cake are higher than of other kinds. Initially it is because of the global popularity of soybean and its effect on the market value of other types of cake and meal. You can buy soybean oil cake by the Agrocapital Ukraine at the reasonable price.

Soybean is indispensable product in the livestock industry thanks to the vegetable protein in its beans. Soybean oil cake is valuable food due to the protein and also to vitamins and minerals contained in it. This is iron, calcium, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, manganese etc. All these components have a positive effect on the growth and development of animals and poultry on farms.

High-quality soybean oil cake must meet the following requirements:

  • colour is from yellow to light brown. The presence of a small amount of dark colour particles is allowed
  • smell is natural for soybean oil cake without adulterants (mold, mustiness)

The usage of soybean oil cake in animal and bird diet allows:

  • to increase live weight gain
  • to increase egg production
  • to increase digestibility and palatability
  • to reduce feed costs

Soybean oil cake is produced in the shape of molded plates of different size. It can be like grits, pelleted and crushed.

Granulated soybean oil cake is the most successful form of release, so it eases the usage of the oil cake as feed without any additional preparation.

Buying soybean oil cake by the Agrocapital Ukraine you make the right choice as you trust the professionals.

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