Neubaluck MPG Dry

Neubaluck MPG dry by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery of Neubaluck MPG throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Monopropylene glycol is one of the components of feed additives used for animal feeding in the agriculture. It acts as a preservative and a solvent; it is safe for animals and the environment, approved by leading experts in the livestock industry. Monopropylene glycol is produced as a powder and liquid by form.

Powder product form is monopropylene glycol dry Neubaluck MPG 70%. Neubaluck is a dry form of 1.2 proandiol (propylene glycol E490) with 70% mass fraction of propylene glycol. Mostly it is introduced as an additive to the dairy cows’ diet with high productivity and cattle as well. It is used to improve the feed energy. It is enough rapidly absorbed in the rumen and splits into glucose needed for a metabolic function and the metabolism of milk fat and lactose. Especially glucose is useful for cows during lactation, as a ketosis barrier.

The Agrocapital Ukraine sells high quality Neubaluck MPG corresponded to the European standards. Our business conditions and prices are pleasantly surprising every customer.

The delivery service of Neubaluck MPG throughout Ukraine and abroad greatly relieves its transportation.

The benefits of the choosing of Neubaluck MPG are:

  • increasing the feed energy
  • rapid absorption of the drug without loading on the liver
  • fast conversion into glucose
  • convenient addition to feeds, thanks to the optimum product form

It must be stored in a cool dry place.

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