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To obtain the maximum profit and growth of the breeding the livestock and poultry it is necessary to balance their diet extremely. This is particularly so with the fattening period when diet should contain high quality proteins easily digested and contain large number of amino acids.

Namely, in this case a drug of a new generation, Mucopro by the Sonac (Germany), comes to help farmers. European standards guarantee the quality, competent formula and appliance effect of the drug.

Mucopro is a protein hydrolyser (with a protein content of 80%) made of hydrolyzed pig gut linings. The composition of Mucopro ensures rapid product assimilation by 99%; it is also hypoallergenic and safe for youngsters.

The pig gut linings are the materials for the hydrolyser production supplied from the departments of Western Europe. Medicine heparin is also taken from them. At the factory Sonac gut linings are carefully treated and subjected to several processing stages. Such as separation, filtration, desalination, concentration and desiccation. Better manufacturing process of Mucopro production allows obtaining a product with excellent taste and nutritional characteristics.

Buying the drug of a new generation, Mucopro by the Agrocapital Ukraine, you choose the best combination of price and quality, the surety in the high standards and attractive conditions of cooperation. We offer our clients the delivery of Mucopro throughout Ukraine and abroad.

The main advantages of this product usage are:

  • excellent flavoring agent increasing feed intake;
  • source of necessary and indispensible amino acids and peptides;
  • increasing the animal productivity;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • complete solubility in water;
  • promotes a more rapid formation of intestinal villi, that allows an earlier addition of fodders into the youngsters' diet.

This additive is stored up to 12 months in a dry place in the original packages.

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