Fodder for Rabbits

Fodder for rabbits by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. Delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Breeding and reproduction of rabbits is one of the most profitable branches of livestock. Rabbit crop is the fastest, so baby rabbits differ in particularly precociousness.

The main production items are meat, skins and fur. It goes without saying it should be of high quality for competitiveness. But it is possible under the only condition that rabbits will be fed correctly.

Fodder for rabbits is a grain mixture of materials and products with high protein, vitamins and also micro-and macroelements for feeding domestic animals. As a rule, it is about 50% of the diet for rabbits.

For feeding rabbits different fodder-concentrates are used, they contain feed sets as dry mixes. It is recommended to use all-in-one fodder too.

In fodder production they use:

  • cereal
  • protein
  • mineral supplements
  • oilplants, as an energy source
  • lucerne

Fodder can be:

  • All-in-one fodder which provides 100% of animals’ needs in mineral and nutrients substances.

Rabbit fodder by the Agrocapital Ukraine is formulated by a special recipe and meets animals’ needs in all nutrients and vitamins substances. It is produced by the MHP on the equipment of leading European producers.

This product is compliant with all quality standards, it is eco-friendly and does not contain hormones and growth stimulants, thus prices for rabbit fodder remain accessible, flexible and economical.

Choosing a high quality but at the same time affordable product, the businessman can reduce the expenditure on rabbit feeding which makes the lion's share of the costs, without depriving them balanced diet. It exactly provides:

  • high-quality of meat, fur and wool
  • high rates of growth and alive of youngsters
  • resistance to diseases and infections
  • balanced diet
  • growth and development of rabbits
  • low costs of fodder

The Agrocapital Ukraine provides fodder delivery throughout Ukraine as it follows the clients’ interests first of all. Therefore, choosing rabbit fodder realized by our company, you make the right choice. 

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