Fodder for quails

Fodder for quails by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. Delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Quail farming gathers steam recently. Farm enterprises take to breeding and raising quails increasingly. Primarily, it goes with the high precocity and a short payback period, unpretentious care and gentle birds’ nature.

It can also be added that quails are very popular due to dietary and health benefits of their eggs.

But high performance can be achieved only under strict care conditions about birds. Properly selected food is one of these conditions. Such food is fodder for quails produced by the MHP. It allows you to:

  • fully supply poultry with nutrition, minerals and biologically active substances
  • get high quality meat and eggshells
  • increase the body's resistance to infections and poultry diseases
  • get high level of reproduction and youngster survival

Fodder for quails contains:

Feed used at the farm is very important in breeding quails.

Proper nutrition allows rapid growth of youngsters and high production of quail eggs. Feed costs hold a significant expenses item of housing birds but farmers often make a rude mistake reducing costs out of fodder quality.

The Agrocapital Ukraine offers quail fodders of high quality and at economical prices.

Low fodder price is contingent on advanced technology used in producing products. The MHP uses the equipment by European producers well-known on the world market. They are such companies as Buhler Schmidt-Seeger, Andritz, Schule, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH, Alfa Laval, Geelen Counterflow and Khorolskiy Mechanical.

Responding clients wishes the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine provides fodder delivery throughout Ukraine allowing consumers to save time and money. The main company’s objective is productive relationships with clients built on the constant and fruitful cooperation. 

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