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The state agrarian level directly depends on the condition of the cattle sector. It is widely known that livestock is a meat and dairy source and it supplies the cropping with organic fertilizer as well. Cattle needs adequate nutrition through the all stages of cultivation to gain the dynamic growth rates as a result.

Some farms are still existing where cows, calves and bulls are fed in the same old way, i.e. only with a grass and hay but sizable farmer productions have changed long before over all-in-one fodders whereby animals are being correctly grown, perfectly gained weight and are in an excellent physical shape. Thus result profit (meat and milk) satisfies with its output and quality. It is surely declared that cattle sagination with balanced fodders makes animal husbandry more profitable and quality.

Fodder for cattle includes the cereal and grain mix enriched with various biological additives for better digestion, proper metabolism and also for animals to gain weight evenly and quickly. For normal activity cattle needs several types of feed: rough, juicy and green. It is accepted to put into the balanced nutritious additives – fodders.

The advantages of fodder for cattle are the following:

  • strong immunity;
  • increase of a productivity;
  • expansion of a nutrition value of the end-product;
  • blow up an output of the end-product.

To buy high quality fodder for cattle you needn't to order it on foreign websites, it is much cheaper in Ukraine and also quicker and more safely for you. The Agrocapital Ukraine delivers production for animal husbandry more than 10 years, particularly fodder for cattle throughout the country and abroad. We realize only qualitative goods which passed the European certification. We always offer fodders for milk and dairy cows, bulls, calves, heifers, repair young breeding at suitable prices. Wholesale and retail deliveries of different types of fodder for cattle are possible on mutually rewarding terms; everything depends on the customer's wish.

LLC Agrocapital Ukraine is an excellent service, permanent high quality, confirmed by favorable reports of our clients time and time again.

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