Betaine Anhydrous

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Agricultures workers are well aware of advantages of such feed additive as betaine anhydrous. Mostly it is a white crystalline powder, tasteless or sweet a little, with a weak characteristic odor. Betaine is contained in sugar beets, seafood, wine and some cereals. This substance is represented as a trimethyl derivative from glycine; it is also called as "inner salt" or scientifically trimethylamine acetic acid. In addition to the agricultural sector betaine anhydrous is widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food industry, printing, painting, household chemicals and other.

The advantage of betaine anhydrous 96% in the farm animal husbandry is evident enough: it is added to the ready-made feed (an addition rate is 0,2-2 kg/t) for increasing the nutritional value. Animals and poultry (particularly, pigs, chickens and ducks) satisfy farmers with high levels of their growth, weight, health and as a result, the dressed mass iteratively multiplied because of eating food enriched with betaine anhydrous. This substance effectively reduces body fat percentage in the pig population. Being an osmolyte, betaine serves as a protector for cells, proteins and enzymes from the harmful effects of the environment. In addition, it is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases, an invaluable health care of animal internal organs. Besides adding betaine anhydrous to the animal feeding, it is used in fish farming as well. For example, it is effective while transferring the fish from fresh water to salt one; it prevents high osmotic fish pressure.

Betaine anhydrous 96% by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine is characterized by high indicators of quality, because its producers (usually known field-specific companies) hold on to all established technology standards, particularly, a flowing agent is necessary to apply due to high hygroscopic substance. Ordering this feed additive by the Agrocapital Ukraine you can also be sure in the ratio of price and quality service, once our company cares about its reputation and cherish every customer. Studying our price list you will be satisfied with prices of all items as they are available enough. In addition, no matter where you are, the order comes exactly in time as the Agrocapital Ukraine has long been successfully provided the delivery of goods in Ukraine and abroad.

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